the TELEVISED {digested}: THE GOOD WIFE – are Zach and Grace the best ‘good kids’ in the history of?

It’s a valid question, definitely not a ground-breaking one but indulge me. I watch every episode of The Good Wife because  it’s perfectly written, engaging and 44 minutes point something seconds of pure drama with emphasis on the draaaamaa, but I live for seeing Zach and Grace every time. Is it possible that for once, good parenting has resulted in producing TV offspring who aren’t spawns of the devil? This is my breakdown of TVs best siblings that you don’t hate.

z&g good wife

oo1: From the start they have been nothing short of the best children to ever be on a tv show. It’s not like they’re perfect, they’re not: Grace tried to run away with an afro Christian guy, they found her being baptised in a church – tough ep; Zach likes to smooch with his girlfriend… with the doors closed? he’s like 17, tut tut. However they’re just decent, good kids.


002: They talk openly with their mother, they were wholly forgiving of their ex criminal philandering  father (since reformed) and they’ve probably helped that ‘dinosaur’ Alicia (what the show writers would have us believe of her sometimes) solve a few legal problems along the way, on account of them being kids and technology savvy.


003: They’re normal looking kids with average names …from the 90s (when they were SUPPOSED to be born!). If you don’t know what I mean, go check out the every teen show in the last 5 years. ‘Hey ARIA are those Manolo Blahnik shoes you’re rocking down to HIGH SCHOOL  with?’,  ‘Cool sports car and yacht CHUCK lets hangout in your hotel and celebrate you being 18 forever!’ Nope, Not Zach and/or Grace.

004: The luxurious life they may have had been taken away when their father went to jail for indecent behaviour; humbled, smart and unassuming  the kids are educated privately (in school uniforms) but are very aware that they are not above the law or anyone else.

po po

005: They’re siblings. The plausibility of their relationship is compounded by the subtle but effective way they argue, or talk. Right from the start Zach has been very protective of his sister and she respectful of him. They’re close but it’s not the kind of close that was border neurotic and completely intrusive ala the Walker siblings of Brothers & Sisters (RIP). LOVE.

The Good Wife - Zach, Grace, Eli

006: They’re hilarious, together and apart. Alicia, Jackie, Peter and Eli all have shared some of the funniest and heart warming scenes because they were in the presence of these fine kids. Honest to God, Alicia’s likability as a character goes up times 10 when she’s interacting with her children.


I think there was one particular ep, Alicia heavy but she was away from home – and nothing. Not even a glimpse of Zach or a call from Grace. It was the most depressing episode. I care for these kids so much. They are the best thing about Alicia Florrick. Well, that and her ability to down tequila shots at the end of every episode.

mom drinks...alot

How come indeed Zach, how come indeed…

N.B.: Now looking at the selection of photos, Zach and Grace look like the most miserable kids on the planet, contrary to this Ode digest. They’re not, but the only pictures on Google are distressing dramatic promo pics.  You know, to draw you into the draaaama.


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