the UNCATEGORISED: Weekly Writing Challenge | Person, Place, Thing

In today’s challenge, you’ll combine your sharp powers of observation and your vivid imagination in a bid to follow Fox’s advice and “collect people, places, and things.” With this challenge you’re going to start your collection by writing three paragraphs, one each about a person, place, and a thing. 
  • Go to a local coffee shop or restaurant and observe one of the patrons. 
  • Describe the coffee shop or restaurant in detail. How would you characterize it? awesome local art? Describe the place in as much detail as you can pack into a paragraph.
  • Choose one item in the coffee shop or restaurant — make that thing come alive in one paragraph. Where did it come from? Who made it? How old is it? Leave no detail out.


The young man stands tall at  6″1, his sand coloured hair is choppy; styled messy like he’s just walked out of a rugby scruff. The apples of both cheeks bleed out against his milky skin tone. A strong chiselled jaw-line that traces all the way up to his hooded dark eyes, his prominent nose draws everything back to a smooth crooked smile. His dense British accent cuts through the bustling atmosphere whenever he stops to articulates what’s on the menu. His sporty frame is compliment under the relaxed white linen shirt and his straight cut turn-up blue jeans. His converses are dull brown.

The cafe walls were a clean cool mint-green, adorned with vintage inspired frames holding large colourful replicas of prints from the 1920s era. Newly applied dark wood shelves ran across the length of the room, mostly stacked with short drinking glasses and a random collection of old books. The large front window overlooked a busy central london street that was full of tourists and dark suited business colleagues. Unused kitchen utensils were strategically positioned out of reach along behind the low counter. The square rustic table tops, were speckled with raised lines, all different shades of brown. The sharp aroma of fresh coffee wrestled with the toasty scent of baked croissants and melted creamy butter.  

A small unremarkable off-white coloured saucer is collecting a tiny pool of brown water in the middle. Decorated with three rigid rings the remaining overflow traces its way around part the circumference, slowly repeating the circuit as it trickles down and gets trapped between the ridges. As it builds the cycle breaks and the overflow disappears into the ever-growing pool of brown water in the middle.


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