the MUSIC : Quadron – HEY LOVE

They’re back!

I love Quadron, I wrote about them back then right here and now, after a long and successful US tour the pop duo from Norway are back with a new song, new look and a new video. I can’t wait for the new album and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing than for summer ’13

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 20.05.22

The track below, HEY LOVE is so much fun and the video just makes it a 10. Coco O. undeniably more sexy than ever as she pulls some shapes with queue of equally gifted toe tapping men. The girl looks like she’s having so much fun and her well noted love for Michael Jackson  is visible during a last quarter or so when she demonstrates an awesome MJ leg flex and kick, finishing off with an MJ double fist pulley, I just love shit like that.

Quadron’s other half, producer Robin gets to shake a leg alongside her too (doing what is apparently one of my signature moves, the 80’s jive) and they look divine. Which one’s your favourite?


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