Mother with her Dead Son | in the Neue Wache.

I found this beautiful picture on my computer. I had to share it. It’s a dark, poignant display dedicated to those who were victims of the war. Lifted from Woman with Dead Child, by Käthe Kollwitz.

Berlin is a uber cool city that I plan on going back to; if you find yourself there – take some time out from the cheap eats and cool clubs to check out Museum Island and the architecture around the city. Everywhere you look you are reminded of the tragic history and recent uprisings that makes the city so intriguing to be in. There are memorials and countless displays of the city’s past. Like scars. Instead of hiding them Berlin has made a deliberate effort to share them . It’s a city perhaps not proud of its history, but proud of its survivors.

Also There are plenty of free art exhibitions, or for a cheap price really brilliant ones – including the Deutsch Guggenheim. The exhibitions vary – we were lucky enough to catch the end of the Visions of Modernity  display – we saw beautiful collected works by artists such as Matisse, Monet,  and Wassily Kandinsky.

This is one of my faves:


Robert Delaunay | Simultaneous Windows (2nd Motif, 1st Part), 1912


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