After taking part in a poetry workshop when she was 17, Rogers found herself seduced by the art of writing and reciting her work to anyone who would be kind enough to listen:

There’s nothing worse, in my opinion, than hearing a people-pleaser poem that has no root in life. I think that the ability to transfer feelings, emotion and experience, good and bad, through words is rare and precious and is what writing to perform is about.

 – Deanna Rogers

One of her favourite of her works, which I also can not get enough of, is her Anti-BNP poem. Everything she pulls up is familiar to me. It’s a sad realisation of how the subject of ethnicity in accordance to ones national identity is still on shaky ground especially  for the UK’s non-white british born citizens: I always find “Where are you from?” a loaded question. I always answer “London” – but what most people want to know my skin is black, so what hot country – Africa or Jamaica – do I really come from?.

Deanna’s poetry slam is to the point, quick, funny, honest and incredibly smart.


The London born, award-winning poet (UK slam! 2007) is also 1/4 of the Chill Pill team – an underground poetry showcase group that includes thespian slam poet and DJ, Mr Gee. She’s toured  Germany; performed her poetry at both Buckingham Palace and number 10 Downing Street and as if all that is not impressive enough she is writing a play, performing with the National Youth Theatre and helping a new generation to find their poetic voices through Farrago Poetry. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of her. 


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