the UNCATEGORISED: BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival | What’s in a name?

This beauty of a trailer created for the BFI’s annual London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, was written, directed and produced by Aleem Khan & Faryal. 

What is in a name? has become a fitting subheading for the debate, and it was one that Khan and Faryal knew should be addressed when they were asked by the festival organisers to create a trailer to open the festival.

We took inspiration from slam poetry and Shakespeare, and shot all of the visuals in camera. We wanted to make something that was not only visually arresting, but also provoked thought, whilst staying true to the festival as it approaches a pivotal moment in its history.

The BFI has been toying with the idea of changing the festival’s name for a while now – a decision met with both disdain and support from patrons and festival audiences. Some feel the title no longer represents the festival as a showcase of films that aims to  bring as much exposure to same-sex story-lines. Now in 2013  more laws for same-sex marriage have been passed; there are more same-sex couples on television and  in film, what’s more is that these characters are better written. So is there any need to make a song and dance about being ‘out and proud’ anymore?

I think, considering how in most parts of the world men and women are still vilified and executed for homosexuality, the answer is yes. However is this still an issue in the UK? Is it really time to change the name that represents what has been 27 years of fierce pride, struggle, demise and eventual meteoric rise?  Surely there is no reason to try too hard now? Maybe it’s time for a name that promotes the underlying ethos of the festival as it stands but with a more inclusive moniker? Is it too long, too…straight?

So they’re asking the public to help them decide via a debate via the uses of hashtag twitter polls and inviting thinkers to put words to page on their discussion pages. Go and see, because like Khan points out: this is a pivotal moment in UK film history.

Starring: T’Nia Miller Featuring: Shabana Russell, Sam Evans, Nathan Clutterbuck, Marcus Whistler & Neeraj SinghT’Nia Miller 



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