WoodKid can do no wrong in my eyes. Musically, visually, he is just superb talent. I’ve been following the story of WoodKid from Iron, to the beautiful Run Boy Run and this guy – real name Yoann Lemoine –  is a cinematic wonder kid. He’s directed stunning videos such as Teenage Dream (Katy Perry), Born to Die and Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey) and Take Care (Drake ft Rihanna). It makes sense to me now why those four videos alone I have to stop and watch because they’re so intense and gorgeous and delicious! Geeking out here.

At the young at the age of 29  he clearly has such a great eye for detail and a clear understanding of storytelling and execution. His music, as WoodKid, is a whole other level of impressive artistry and expert example of this DIY and ‘do it all’ generation. Hailing from French Polish family of musicians and qualified in the school of graphic design, Lemoine’s ability to combine images and music is no accident. This guy knows what he is doing and he is doing it so well. 

Now striking out with his side project away from just being a music video director, he puts himself on the map completely. Its his vision and his voice out there for all of us to see. The cool thing about his newly released album  The Golden Age is that it genuinely is like chapters out of an epic adventure or folk tale. It’s like Lord of the Rings meets Narnia by way of Where the Wild Things Are.


I can’t remember where I heard this, but i’m pretty sure the story behind WoodKid is that a young boy made out of wood then turns in to various materials as he gets older, colder, wiser, darker etc – so it will be interesting to see that process in his work. You can already sneak a peak of this journey through the video and tracks below, and like a true cinematic dream he’s managed reused characters and recurring motifs and themes throughout. Eeek!


It’s gorgeous to listen to: CLICK THE IMAGES TO SEE THE VIDEOS


I love You



Run Boy Run








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