the uncategorized: because creating a new life won’t cut it , BUT this does.

Happy New Year. I don’t do resolutions but I do like to up the ante on the year previous with things I’ve already started doing which all transition in to each other in some way so it makes my prospects somewhat doable and realistic.

So I did a lot of ‘cool side-step from my straight path things in 2012’ stuff and this time I’m going for the full on crab walk and spending my hard-earned money to invest in me doing more stuff.

I started LAST YEAR even, by booking way, way in advance theatre bookings for shows I know will be sold out if I had waited till the month of. Which I usually do, but after missing out on The Suit and Blackta at the Young Vic, I just had enough of disappointing myself and parted with my money because why not. I also have to go to more shows, it’s all part of expanding my ability to get more script reading and supervising work.
I can’t wait, I’m so excited especially to see Chiwetel Ejiofor on stage and directed by the wonderful Joe Wright.  

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Seeing the New Year in another city (BERLIN IS UBER COOL) and seeing how accessible other parts of the world can be if i work hard and save, did more than enough to set the course for everything I want to do this year. Go places. This month alone I have booked ROME in July. Partly because I have my close friends wedding to go to but I’ve always wanted to go; now I can be super happy to justify going and exploring that beautiful city.
I am planning to go to other places, but they haven’t been booked so lets not tempt fate.


Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 01.52.17

I’m working on some storyboard sketches for my cousin, writer, film director and producer,  Sam Kessie @Samkessie. It feeds in to my love of illustrating and creativity. Why not?  I’m also drawing presents for friends birthdays and taking Bratty Hatty on an adventure.


I got a Kindle Fire HD. I have no excuse.

I already gym it and after a health scare last October, my diet is being taken care of. My mind is tentative but that’s circumstantial and after a bout in mindfulness therapy early 2012, I’ve been more content than I’ve ever been. But this year, the tube and bus prices have gone up here in UK. So I’ve started walking so I can save money and get fit.


Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 01.48.47
 I always do. I have kept up writing on here, the WORDPRESS daily / weekly post challenges more than helped fuel my interest in blogging, reinforcing my initial idealism about blogging. It can be anything, just as long as you contribute, share and explore it then you can reap all sorts of satisfactory gratifications like finding new bloggers and being inspired all the time.
Also I’ll be attending a – of hopefully many more to come – film festival at the end of this month to review various films and the like all of which will be documented on the Hotminute Magazine website.

I’d say i’m off to a good start. I hope you have one too.


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