Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Share a picture that means CHANGING SEASONS to you.

This picture means the coming of Summer in London; you know its summer because there are so many inclusive, artistic things to do around town. We don’t have sandy beaches or consistently blazing heat but we have diverse culture and art and the freedom to express it. This  freedom of art expression usually comes alive during the Summer when the days are longer, people are out and about and undeniably happier and willing to participate. It’s all about getting rid of that stiff British upper lip and not just about boozing in a pub.

There is always something to see or take part in and you can do it for free;  it’s usually in the last place you’d look – like this piano, just one of many stationed around central London. It invited the public to just play, as part of a festival promotion. It’s such a Summer season thing here that I recognise. Everyone is smiling, everyone talks to each other (not common unless the sun is out) and it’s green and bright and feels more happy. The woman (though posing) played Yann Tiersons Amelie theme perfectly, and her beaming smile is the extension of the Summer season spent in London.



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