Daily Prompt: Time Capsule


The year is drawing to a close. What would you put in a 2012 time capsule?

All of this:



London 2012 was without a doubt the best year to be here. Kicking things off with a rainy but community filled Queens Jubilee and birthday, followed by the biggest and best sporting event in the World. The Olympics. Seriously – this country in all its flaws and with all that is going on economically really felt like the centre of the universe during the summer. So much was going on, there were festivals, exhibitions and performances showcasing the best of British and the rest of the world. People were still so patriotic and proud off the back-end of the Queen celebrations and it just felt like we were living in a party town till the end of the Paralympics in September.

I would encapsulate all of the first half of 2012 because it was a fantastic feeling, that I was actively apart of and it will never happen again.

Specifically I would hold on to the sight i saw from standing on the stadium stage as the 5 gold rings showered down. I don’t think anyone (outside of the 1,499 others on stage) would have had the view I did.


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