Weekly Writing Challenge — Mind the Gap


Look what they did to the BEATLES. Isn’t this like…sacrilege or something? I’m not even a Beatles fan but come on. I don’t think I want to remember ANY great talents on a repeated man-made loop. It kind of feels…evil.

I get it, GIFs can be funny. They do well to make a point of something, but they do it over and over again – draining it, making it arbitrary and just plain annoying. I feel like GIFs are dated too, you know? I’m sure I was really enamoured with it all back in 2004, but now? There’s been a sudden influx of them because everyone has a sense of humour, we all seemingly watch the same 5 shows out of millions, so we all get the joke but it’s dull. It’s lazy and is nothing more than a badly cut and spliced record exploiting someone else’s work to either make a really predictable joke or just to make a bad one. Sometimes they don’t even bother, they just want to inform people of a particular statement, scene or look –  and instead of showing us the clip from the original video, they choose to cut and edit the best bits just because. Misinformation gone mad and it’s way to easy to do. Like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and the rest. Sharing others comments,  taking and reposting others images is so intrinsic in how people interact online. Animated GIFs is perhaps the bottom of the heap.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge — Mind the Gap

  1. You think anyone will consider placing a lengthy pause at the end of the GIF? The looping is what is most distracting and annoying. If they designer would insert a pause before the loops starts again, I would have time to escape…

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