the MUSIC: ‘NOT GIVING IN’ | RUDIMENTAL ft Alex Clare and John Newman.

I love LOVE this song. It’s so uplifting and makes me get up and go. Rudimental et al, including the brilliant Alex Clare (Too Close) are fantastic. The lyrics are soulful and with all the drummin  and bassin’  it kind of feels like a choir wot-likes-to-club. I like how their videos always aim to inspire; they usually have kids of a certain minority that we may not always get to see performing in front of the camera for a music video, but it’s also in situations we wouldn’t imagine them in. The last one? black kids riding horses around town? what?

This most recent video for the song ‘Not giving in’ is set in the Philippines and has two friends, one of whom finds a past time break-dancing whilst the other is recruited as a drug mule – sad, yes but the song lyrics work against it and it’s just makes me want to jump all over the space. I am using this as my get up and go for the week. 


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