Weekly Photo Challenge: THANKFUL

Me and my brother Daniel doing our best ’40 year old virgin’ school photo film poster impressions. Being EXTRA excellent.

Just type 40 Year-old-Virgin into the search engine and you’ll see what I mean. That precious expression Steve Carell has on the film poster will always be a mainstay in all of my family photos. Unfortunate for the rest of the clan, but hilarious to the two of us.

This is one of 5 reasons* I am thankful for; doing stupid shit like the above, with my little brother. He’s so funny and has inherited my love of picking up on the ridiculous side of life (that no one else seems to understand) and completely running away with it. I can honestly say I have never been as open and completely myself with anyone else but him; you know when people on TV and in the films declare that their significant others or their parents or their pets are their best friends? and we groan because it wreaks of fromage frais? …well he’s my best friend.

I do remember being particularly  thrilled when he entered into our world, up until then, been enjoying life as the ‘baby in the family – but I loved the idea of having another sibling – and even better a brother. My sister is seven years old and at the time that kind of age gap between children can feel huge.  Plus a brother? cooler. I didn’t want to suffer what my sister undoubtedly had when I graced them with my birth – competition. No seriously, I think we were all happy for a boy and I can honestly say he’s quiet the young man. He’s so sweet, funny, smart and beautiful that we kind of despise him everyone who has and ever will meet him loves him. I’m just thankful I’ve contributed to making him that way and look forward to applauding him through his brightest years yet to come.

*the rest counts for each member of my immediate family. Daddy, Mummy, Claire and Omi.


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