Drive. The longing looks between Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, the long-held shots of menacing gangsters looking out of frame…the driving…the music. My favourite scene aside from THAT scene (below, yeah..that one):

is the welcome party held for Carey Mulligan’s convicted and newly released husband. It just works so well but at first glance can feel a little misplaced. First of all the ex-convict looks like a straight up rock or hip hop fan, so the synth heavy track just doesn’t feel like it should work in his party; but of course it’s more of an emotive, highlighting the attraction Mulligan and Gosling’s characters developed in her husband’s absence. The words ‘I don’t eat, I don’t sleep – I do nothing but think of you’ and the off beat electric drums and heavy base is an almost synonymous for teen angst and love woes. There isn’t very much dialogue in the Drive; all the intensity comes from uncomfortable camera angles, uninterrupted facial expressions and the use of music. Which is why having a track as blatant as this one helps to get the point across without having the actors say what we’ve heard in movies a million times before.

The group, Desire, are a musical act from Montreal, Canada and Portland, Oregon featuring the vocals of Megan Louise, and the technical skills of producer Johnny Jewel and Nat Walker.  They released an album, II, in 2009 featuring the song Under Your Spell which has most recently been sampled by Kid Cudi’s side project WZRD.


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