the UNCATEGORIZE: autumn leaves-a-bye

the UNCATEGORIZED: autumn leaves a bye

My street, 19th November, crisp morning. Autumn colours are my favourite – and the smell, ah man.

I’m a bit of a dreamer, it’s never gotten me far at the best of times, admittedly, but it means I appreciate a lot of what I see around me that others may find pointless, boring or ugly. While Londoners were all clutching at their wool coats and bundled up to their eyeballs in scarves this morning, I was bounding along my street on my way to the tube with Feist singing in my ears.

Then I saw ‘The Park’. It’s so special to me, surrounded by flats where all my friends lived, I grew up playing there, kissed my first boyfriend under the slide and even cut my leg (resulting in scar for life), just yards from the park gates. Memories.

So I am always looking back at it, checking up on it and my childhood memories; the tall trees that were planted after the 1st World War cast a gorgeous mass of greenery during the Summer, providing shade during our “hot” warm spells and this great leafy, earthy smell that is otherwise foreign when you live bang smack in the middle of concrete jungle central London. So during the Autumn / Winter months when the leaves turn brown, fall and cover the ground in a mural of  brown and gold – I find it so magical.

Now the leaves are blowing away and it always reminds me that the Holidays are coming; so when I looked over and captured this moment, I suddenly felt festive.



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