Weekly Writing Challenge: In An Instagram

Standing in what the backstage cast and crew called a ‘VOM’, I had never felt so nervous, excited, sad slightly disconcerted all at once.

Everything was buzzing; my heart, the heartbeats of the people around me, the noise from behind the large black curtain even the air was vibrating. The familiar faces that I had spent the best part of 3 months getting to know were almost foreign to me now. Everyone looked different, but, somehow the knowledge in the back of my mind that we could trust one another through to the end was a slight comfort .

POV from inside VOM 1 – just about to walk out onto the Field of Play and perform the Industrial Revolution/Pandemonium sequence for 80,000 people.

I could hear the faceless voices in my ear and in the ears of two people ahead of me. The voices spoke slowly and purposefully. It wasn’t the same as before, this wasn’t the same as before, they told us that point-blank. We had worked so long and so hard for a moment like this; we all had something to prove; London had something to prove – the World had something to prove.

I liked that – actually feeling part of ‘The World’. Whether they meant it metaphorically it was kind of true. At that precise minute our world was on centre stage amidst 80,000 people. In two days time it would be billions. A raucous chorus of applause surrounded the VOM. People on the sidelines were smiling, winking, mouthing condolences.

The curtains pulled back. The buzzing ceased, anticipation in the air and all i could see, were lights, flashing and filling up the world as I saw it at that moment in time. From the moment I received my audition letter right through to being selected to take part in the Opening ceremony and all 150 hrs of rehearsals in between. I learned in 3 months of my life just how diligent, ambitious, proud and adventurous I could be.

I don’t think i will ever lose that high. I don’t think I will ever forget how it felt to see those five golden rings shower down above my head while the people cheered – and this was only a dress rehearsal.

London 2012 July 25th dress rehearsal #1 changed my life.


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