I don’t know when I became one of those people who document and critique everything armed with a smartphone, Instagram style app and sudden passion to over-share. Ask anyone of my poor friends and they’d tell you I’m the one who halts dinner to take ‘stylised’ (aka out of focus, over saturated and thus redundant) photos of the chicken breast and pot of tea.

It’s therapeutic: I like feeling like MARY BERRY and feel like you give a shit. Heres some Prawns and pasta (spaghetti actually) – with boiled spinach, chopped garlic, onions and cherry tomatoes thrown in. Its cheap and exotic and yummy and easy.

Boil the pasta; boil/microwave some frozen spinachdrain them both and set them aside;

heat some oil in a skillet and fry the onions (which I’m going to presume you’ve chopped) 

throw in the presumably chopped garlic; add some frozen prawns (Tescos brand are good); fry them all into one big yummy mix then add in the spinach and add the tomatoes; let it all simmer together so the juices flow etc; bit by bit add to the pot of pasta and stir well so everything gets everywhere.

Garlic bread (from frozen of course) is optional.


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