the Uncategorised: Does JOHN TRAVOLTA have the coolest documentation of dance…

in the history of ever?

I was watching one of my favourite movies and it occurred to me that he really does kill it when he moves to music. I’m not looking much at Chanum Tatum, I know he can dance but post  the era of mesmerising twinkle toes such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly no one has really moved the way Travolta does in front of the camera and made it look so much fun and effortless.

I’m bypassing the z rate dancers that have starred in every dance movie since Save the Last Dance; I’m leaving out Blane and Mike Chang from GLEE and it’s just easier if we don’t confuse the situation by throwing Michael Jackson in to the mix (even though he probably is more Astaire and Kelly than Travolta).

Natural rhythm? Yes, charisma? Check, and despite media bullying – he’s still got his credibility in tow as far as I’m concerned. It’s not a technical skill I’m talking about. I Lets observe and applaud Mr Travolta’s dancing feet.


Grease is the word. I can’t even remember when I first saw this movie, my sister was so obsessed by it that I’m pretty sure I saw it before I could even form memories. The ultimate All American teen movie, Grease is as much Travolta classic as SNF (below);  this is in part down to the fact that the guy can move. Grease no doubt set a precedent for many of his roles to come thereafter and for the world to crown him and his gyrating hips as hot a commodity. It’s the fact that he is so alpha male and yet has such an effeminate flow when he moves that gets me. Conjuring up moves like a mish mash of Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and Freddie Mercury. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.



This mans hips! He has the best hips. I can’t even deal because it’s actually a little annoying just how limber he is. This 1970s tribute to disco is perhaps the one film the world associates with Travolta and dancing. If you think of Travolta there’s a 50/50 chance you’re going to say Saturday Night Fever, Bee Gees or White suit large Lapels.



Because I was there when this took off and I was so into these movies. With Grease still being the first film I remembered seeing him in, I naturally thought it was an extension on the life of Danny Zucko. It’s the little things and he proves this in every way, by including the children in his fun, leg shaking moves. I used to join in. Thank you Travolta. Thank you.]




Without a doubt one of my favourite Travolta (alongside Face off and Broken Arrow) films that no one seems to like. In it he plays the archangel Michael, a chain-smoking, overweight, smooth talking, jive walking, sexy angel. This is one of my favourite scenes from the movie (apart from when they eat all that delicious pie, causing Andie MacDowell burst into song);  Michael leads two adorning ladies onto the dance floor, sandwiches himself between them and gets down to the enthralling sound of Aretha Franklin’s Chain of Fools. A steady stream of women in the bar follow his lead, and soon Michael is surrounded by his own harem. He’s so cool – I squeal every time I watch it.



I didn’t really want to put this on here, because the film is crappy – but this is basically him and his future wife Kelly Preston, on the dance floor making babies. Its hot if not ridiculous, in part because that was the whole point to the film, and definitely because Travolta’s hair is ridiculous.


Okay – this isn’t technically dancing, the film is full of slow motion lifts and the like but the best scene, the most iconic is perhaps the strut end scene. He practically moves to the beat anyway. Is there anything better? no.



Before we go down the pulp fiction route – we need to point out that in this film, these guys are older and so much hotter. How can this be? I think these two could make money just doing a tour where they dance together. It’s like Fred and Ginger, something just feels right when they move together. John Travolta lights up the screen when he dances solo, that’s a done deal, but making others also look amazing in the process – that is just genius.



Ok. This, for me, is a fantastic remake of the original movie starring DIVINE in the same role. John Travolta was a perfect choice for the role of Mrs Turnblad – people were beginning to be complacent with what Travolta could do, Travolta had to shock us all, remind us just how fun and versatile he could be behind all the crazy. A welcome break from the mad dog, serial killing, gun-toting cigarette smoking anti-hero/villains he was playing all the time, Hairspray came along and put him back on the musical map. He was without a doubt one of the best things about this truly brilliant rehash.



Just watch it.




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