I  tried to ignore it for a while but it’s plastered all over the joint. Her face was everywhere – is everywhere.

She looks fantastic. She is fantastic and this song is fantastic because,  if you don’t know it by now, I have a perfectly healthy obsession with 80’s style sonic riffs and synthesizers. Hazy Michael Bay style music videos that everyone is doing on their digi cams at the moment is so on trend and undeniably cool; the video has all her cool crowd friends (many of whom the young black fashion and lifestyle blogging community will recognise). I love it when people dance like she dances and she knows she’s doing it to be quirky; I’ve seen 80s acts do it better but I love it all the same, it’s still good shit.

It’s like a ROXY MUSIC melody with PRINCES harmony and Janet Jackson lyrics. Ah I am in love.

I’m going to live on this and my College track – A Real Hero till summer 2013.


One thought on “the MUSIC: SOLANGE – LOSING YOU

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