I am a pro Londoner, I am pro GB. I was born here, I have lived here all my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s ugly and old and beautiful and cold and colourful and grey and so many contradictory things at once that there’s a place for everyone.

Now that the Olympics in my fair city comes to a close, I am overcome with so many emotions that have made me fall in love with her all over again. Its been good for us to hold these games. It has been really great, Britain. Not perhaps since the World War has this country shown such fierce patriotism and desire to rise above the mediocrity label so many other countries choose to label us with. We are Great once more. It’s always difficult to get behind a country that is battling so hard, like many others in Europe, with multiculturalism. These past few months, that hasn’t mattered. When I took part in the Opening Ceremony I met people from all walks of life, background and ethnicities who have made the UK their home and none more than in the capital.

What has also been wonderful is the new young blood from all countries who are competing and winning medals. As as the LOCOG motto promised these games were going to: Inspire a generation. I think they did just that. It’s time to let go of the Z celebs (Big Brother #whothehellcaresanymore – is on TV …who is even watching?) and start using these fine young  sportsmen and women as our role models.

London has been awash with mini festivals, street parties and even decent weather compared to the wet season we had day in and out the week before the Games. I can not express how proud I am to have been born here and to live here. I think it’s about time we in Britain championed solidarity. It really suits us, it certainly boosts morale.

I LOVE LDN, I LOVE YOU © by Alexandra Kessie


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