the TRASH BASH: SETTLE DOWN | No Doubt returneth.

And LO, they said let us return to the 90s.

Don’t you have an unexplainable admiration for No Doubt, even though you could probably count on one hand the amount of songs you actually like know from the grunge pop rock reggae quartet?

I do. Yet whenever I see them together it makes me smile. For one thing its like they never age. ANY of them. Secondly their music is still upbeat and true to who they were back in circa 95 when they really took off *. This new track Settle Down (unfortunate for KIMBRA but kind of great too, seeing as more people may see her on the YouTube side tab when they’re jamming to these guys, no?) is brilliant.

It truly is because No Doubt still exude this positive energy, funk and colour they have always been known for. It’s also nice because they recognise that this is a reunion – the video genuinely calls on all members to reunite and party. This is probably what they do now. They band together every 4/5 years to just jam. This is probably how it should be. They’re in a good enough point in their lives to just enjoy making music when and how they want to and for the fans they know will NO DOUBT(tedly) appreciate the consistency in the music that they produce. This is what No Doubt is about. They’re clearly not afraid to tap into a blueprint more than 2 decades old – it works for them and it clearly still makes them money, why not? I also believe its what keeps them youthful – why are they not ageing?

Did I mention how much of girl crush I have on Gwen Stefani? Listen and go easy.

*They formed waaaay back in 1986, the year I was born, and yet Gwen Stefani still looks closer to my age 26 years later.


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