the PEEP SHOW | The artist formally known as: Klimt


My favorite painter. I accidentally found a copy of  Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella Eyes Wide Shut in my sisters belongings room, the cover was of Klimt’s The Kiss. I couldn’t stop looking at it. The colours’, the way that every time i did look at it that I saw something new. I was young then, the book bored me by page 5 and then i saw the movie so I was good. However as I got older –  and looked upon the cover just because I stole it could – the image of the lovers in the painting would become more ambiguous and troubling. It’s so hot, it’s so passionate a painting, it also feels a little dangerous, like they’re indulging in some sort of extra marital affair. 

Anyway this book cover had me looking at more of Klimt’s work and up until then I had never been able to ‘feel’ something about an artist and his/her work before unless it came from Disney or a children’s book. This was my first grown-up admiration for an artist who made ‘grown-up’ art. The Austrian painter and illustrator Gustav Klimt, was born today July 14, 1862 (d. Feb. 6, 1918). 

Klimt’s work is provocative, sensual, erotic and at times exploitative. His work exposes an interest for women, especially in the buff surrounded by a mural of bold colours. I have especially become obsessed by his portraits of young beautiful Viennese women; their beautiful faces, flushed skin and wonderfully engaging eyes. I also love how in some of his more erotic paintings the women’s eyes are closed. Is this after he pleasured them? is this when he found them most beautiful, asleep, wanting faces, sensual?

Let us celebrate this day, the day Klimt was born.


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