the TRASH BASH: MALEFICENT | coming soon.


WHAT? Yes. You are looking at the beautiful Angelina Jolie in a taster shot for the upcoming Maleficent movie that will hit screens next year. 

Let’s just assess what we have here. I’m so excited at the prospect of this film even being made, it came out of nowhere for me; when I first saw the image above I thought it was a spoof or even some Vanity Fair style Disney themed shoot. How wonderful that they’re bring the Witch to the live action world. After the brilliant Charlize Theron gave her fantastic twisted spin on the Evil Queen Step-mother in Snow-White and the Huntsman opposite Kristin Stewart’s titular character, I have to admit I was hoping it would spawn a few more rehashes of the famed fairytales’ that I fell in love with through Disney. Prior to that Amanda Seyfried lit up the screen in a dark but more faithful version of the story of Red Riding hood; the dreadful Beastly, a Beauty & the Beast take, starring Vanessa Hudgens; then of course there was Mirror Mirror – that other version of Snow-White, starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts and next year Hansel & Gretel starring Gemma Aterton and Jeremy Renner will hit screens too. 

So fairytales’ and cautionary tales seem to be in vogue – lets face it, the comic book genre is running its course – I’m surprised it’s still even working to be honest – then there’s the revival of cult animated classics ala Transformers, The Last Airbender, and the rumoured production of He-man and Thundercats – but even so there are very few roles for women in them. This time round it appears writers and directors want to delve in deeper, these stories were sugar-coated for the most part thanks to Disney but in the original tales many of the protagonists don’t ride off into the sunset without really having to fight for it. Almost all of these tales are about young women battling evil. 

So Maleficent comes to the screen and it looks like a direct adaptation from Disney’s take on Sleeping Beauty. Is this like Wicked? Where we get to hear the other side of the damned? Just what was this bitches’ problem anyway? What is with the horns? 

I’m looking forward to seeing more and I think it’s safe to say Jolie will make a striking Witch. 


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