the TRASH BASH: MOOD INDIGO | coming soon.

Images courtesy of French culture magazine Le Monde :

Existential Director, Michel Gondry has adapted the novel of the late author Boris Vian  Mood Indigo * It stars Audrey Tatou (Amelie, Coco Before Chanel), Romain Duris (Pot Luck, Russian Dolls ), Aissa Maiga (Bamaku, Paris Je’taime) and Gad Elmaleh (Priceless). Also added to the bill is the current French cinema actor of the moment, Omar Sy (The Intouchables). I wouldn’t say I am a Gondry fan – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind I have yet to see and though I liked Be Kind to Rewind, Science of Sleep and The Green Hornet (actually a decent and good film and BETTER than that Green Lantern shocker)…I wouldn’t watch them again out of choice –  but I would say that his work is definitely interesting.
Previously adapted into a French film in 1968 (Spray of Days) and a 2001 Japanese film (Chloe), this new offering has got me very excited indeed. I will tell you why: the cast list. Some of the finest and more importantly funniest French actors of the moment. I PUT it to you that if you have seen at least one of the actors already mentioned then you have laughed at them and their comedic timing. This film sounds like a dream if it were to come from the mind of Amelie herself. Here is a brief synopses for the film plot – the book plot is available but includes many spoilers: 

Chick loves Alise. Colin, falls in love with Chloé because of a jazz song. Jealousy, lack of cash, and disease will misfortune their projects.

Intriguing and so like the FRENCH with all their love and passion and tragedy and funny. Ah. Also judging by these gorgeous images – the film is going to be a visual treat – Michel Gondry is one to really exploit the mis-en-scene in his films. I’m hoping for an Amelie, Delicatessen and Science of Sleep visual style. Apparently it’s not an easy book and adapting it takes a certain flair and courage to even try which is why I think it’s in safe hands but will probably still only be a cult favourite if not only a French favourite with the few intrigued world cinema lovers who will actually go out looking for this film. Comme Moi.


*(also known as Froth on the Daydream and Foam of the Daze).


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