I just passed my Driving Test.

I am beyond happy and relieved and every now and again I forget, then something pops up to remind me.

It’s seriously been a long time coming, and I’m so glad I persevered after 4 attempts. I just think having the ability to drive is a semi-rite of passage. Anyway, that was Monday gone but I can state that this is where 2012 really kicks off on a high for me. It’s been a great week and things are under-way for the Olympic opening ceremony showcase that I will be lucky enough to take part it, under the captain of Oscar-winning director,  Danny Boyle.

So seeing as it’s the end of a beautiful week and in honour of my new certified skill, I will share the beautiful track by College (a.k.a David Grellier) and Canadian duo (above) Bronwyn and Austin, otherwise known as Electric Youth (in homage of Debbie Gibson’s second album Electric Youth)

I play:  A Real Hero,  from one of the coolest movies DRIVE, starring the beautiful Ryan Gosling and of which I wrote about here. It’s a smooth driving tune for sure. I can’t wait to play it as I go cruising!!!


2 thoughts on “the TRASH BASH: SUNDAY SUBLIME

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  2. Pingback: the MUSIC: SOLANGE – LOSING YOU « the TRASH BASH

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