the TRASH BASH: Easy like Saturday Morning

Cœur de pirate

If I was a 22-year-old French-speaking beauty with the flirty tones of Vanessa Paradis and heart and conviction of Edith Piaf – I would be laughing. Laughing in tune mind.  Cœur de pirate is Francaise for Heart of a Pirate, the stage name of Quebec native Béatrice Martin; and she is perfect for early Saturday morning listening.

Jennah Bell

Hello darling ! Aside from wanting her hair I want this girls’ ‘cool’.  Jennah Bell has gorgeous something about her and its all-inclusive I can’t even pick at it. Melancholic, whimsical poetic music. She strums at her guitar effortlessly, singing likewise. The Californian girl landed a place on the Grammy Foundation’s coveted summer programme and subsequently her journey to brilliance and recognition (Jay-Z being a fan) has been on the up. Think Alicia Keys (circa her debut album) meets Alanis Morrissette. I have a new fave.


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