OR as my friend and I thought one ought to announce it:  [insert best Optimus Prime Style voice here] “Aaaaavengeeerrrrs ASSEMBLE!!!!”

It was that sort of film. Commanding. Completely action packed with the right dosage of  monologue’s (as is clearly favored by Demi-god Thor and his villainous brother Loki), humor (as expected from Iron Man and surprisingly the HULK) and spectacle. This, this is what I like to call a cinema movie. It’s just a complete ride from beginning to end and it warrants no less than a 22 ft screen, comfortable seating and the presence of a few hundred strangers –  who for 3 hours are the only people who matter.

Here are some of my top 10 faves in no order:


HARRY DEAN STANTON : what a legend and a treat to have on film, any film. He completely stole the scene with his brief appearance as a security guard opposite a naked Bruce ‘The hulk’ Banner. 


THOR Vs IRON MAN Vs CAPTAIN AMERICA:  What? yes. Especially the former two, who’s egos individually are undeniably superior to all the other heroes combined – it was a joy to witness a showdown reminiscent of the Mexican standoff in Reservoir Dogs, but less intense and more definitely more fun.


THOR Vs LOKI: Ah brothers. If there is something I like in my movies its variety. We’re given a scene almost Shakespearian (for which we can probably thank Thor director Kenneth Branagh). It’s like an deleted extra of the Thor movie, but it’s still brilliant; in that moment we remember that Thor is a Norse legend filled with tragedy fit for the stage! Words Words words! Beautiful English language. Then Iron Man comes down in his American cool and says what the audience, mainly full of young men who want more fight less talk: “Shakespeare in the park?”


THOR Vs HULK: After the Demi-God hilariously condenses  the earth-bound hero’s as “Petty, and so tiny” I almost choked on my half salt, half sweet popcorn. When he announces that Loki, though troublesome, is still his brother the Black Widow  tells him that Loki murdered 89 people in one go; Thor then declares “He’s adopted”. If there was an award for the best comedic timing of a superhero – I’m sorry, Iron Man but Chris Hemsworth as Thor would have to get it. Just my opinion.


AGENT COULSON: Because – the dude has been there from the beginning – weaving himself in and out of the Marvel movies and popping up mysteriously at the end of the credits. What is most apparent in this film perhaps more than any of the others is that Agent Coulson works DAMN hard. I remember turning to my friend and saying “damn, this guy works hard!” she agreed. What initially started off as dislike from the earlier movies, an agent of America marching in and ruining everything now became more apparent that he was so much more. A man who was fighting for his beloved planet and a geek first and foremost who had a huge fanboy crush on Captain America. Classic scene. Also – does this guy playing Coulson ever NOT wear a suit? okay to be fair I think I only saw him in (500) Days of Summer…where he wore a suit.


IRON MAN: Lord. Why does he get us every time? he’s so cocky it’s positively nauseating but his brain smarts, quick wit and great hair balances it all out, easy.  This film, I have to admit needed Iron Mans ego. They made it very clear that he wasn’t intended to be part of the team but he’s special and he more than proved that throughout. Solo or not he’s probably the one character that I felt I really knew because of the previous films. He was familiar and safe and exactly right. I guess he has had two movies already.


HAWK-EYE: YUM, because everything about Jeremy Renner turns me on right now. I am ready to welcome him as the headliner to the Bourne franchise.


LOKI: Villains are fun. Loki was like a troublesome black sheep who had run away from home and decided to wreak havoc on his big brothers favorite toy just to get his attention and just because he could. I didn’t really find him threatening so much as devilish and a little unhinged, maybe even misunderstood. Tom Hiddlestone owns Loki. right from the ridiculous headgear with ram horns down to his incomprehensible boots.


BLACK WIDOW:  GO SCARLETT GO! You are frigging tiny and awesome. What she could do with her legs whilst tied to a chair and holding a phone. Amazing. When she had that showdown with Hawk-eye and knocked him out?The scene warranted a collective “Ooooo” from the audience. Her powers of interrogation were flawless, and guess what? she didn’t have to kiss anyone! I love her. I also like the set up between her and Hawkeye’s relationship to come.


HULK Vs THE WORLD: What! yes, this is perhaps the best version of the Hulk since the TV show. Why? because there was some sort of all round character development there. It wasn’t just a CGI image it was Mark Ruffalo’s kind eyes and the hilarious primitive lovable but formidable green beast. It worked so well. Everything from Ruffalo’s endearing and mysterious, lonely and lost looking Bruce Banner (awesome man, really) and the ‘other guy’ lingering there somewhere waiting to rip out and unleash havoc. One scene particular when he finally becomes unleashed – wow; lets just say I have never felt more lucky not to be Scarlett Johansson in my life. Oh my goodness I could watch Hulk all day. He brought the laughs, best fight scenes and humility to the film, hands down.

So as you can see fun was had by me. By all if you count the reaction of the audience I was lucky enough to be apart of. Seriously enjoyed this film like a big geeky kid, which hasn’t happened for a while. If anything I was just happy how each character retained their own identity brought in from the directors and writers of each Marvel adapted film. Hulk was probably my favorite. I love Mark Ruffalo, sometimes I think he’s forgotten so maybe this has given him a new lease! I have to admit, I love Eric Bana but his version was dull. Edward Norton just set the bar and when it was revealed he was not taking part I was worried. However Mark Ruffalo is so gorgeous, kind and likable so the contrast is real, the change from Mr nice to Mr angry is very apparent. However the one thing about this particular Hulk is humor which gives him more humanity than any of the others that have preceded.  In fact its an inherent theme throughout the movie; there is a lot of ego’s from the men who size each other up and send snarky remarks back and forth which is then more than less quashed by the presence of the Hulk. The effects are just right, the creatures that descend through from a portal in the sky were insect like and menacing, but the real fight came in the form of Hulk and a huge whale like alien beast that collided against the backdrop of New York whilst chasing Iron Man and being chased by Hulk. Cracking scenes that had I seen this movie in 3D would have been even more epic.

 The appearances of Pepper Potts, Jarvis and Professor Selvig is a nice touch. It makes their world so much more inclusive and the marvel world real. There is no Spiderman however. That’s okay, because I certainly wasn’t looking for him. There was more than enough hero to enjoy onscreen. Marvel’s own heroic scribe Stan Lee makes another one liner cameo appearance and all is well in this recent addition to the comic book movie Hollywood series.


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