the TRASH BASH : Finally, The HOBBIT !

The cast (and probably some crew) out of costume. I really do think Martin Freeman was born for the role, it's not even funny. Hey there's Sean from Eastender's and look...the Mitchell the Vampire from Being Human.


I got sucked in by Beatonna of Hark! A Vagrant fame, so I thought I’d pass it on 2 days lieu of April Fools Day. I’m just super late and fabulous like that.

Anyways I actually own this movie. It’s not an easy watch despite it being a cartoon, it’s one of those pseudo children adaptations made in the ‘psychedelic times’ © by adults on LSD for kids who had no other choice than to sit back and enjoy a collective of colour’s and abstract illustrations on the TV set. It’s wonderfully chaotic, a little ugly and remarkably condensed from the source text to say the least; I still love it though.

Go find it and watch it all.


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