the TRASH BASH: Wayback Wednesday – STUDENT BODIES

 This is just something I had to post. I was watching Psych and became curious about one of the actors. This of course led me on a downward wikipedia/imdb degree of separation path where you forget why you started searching in the first place. I do this  a lot. Procrastination? Curiosity or madness? (I think all three) The internet is a crazy concentration debilitating beast.

Anyway during my surfing I found an actress called Nicola Lyn whom I recognised but could not for the life of me place where from. So naturally I scoured her credit list on IMDB. Nothing jumped out. Initially I was convinced she had played a dumb socialite ala Hilary Banks but I couldn’t think of what show. I just knew it was a sitcom. So…(and this I am slightly ashamed to admit) I clicked on each credit to see more images production; maybe another cast members face would trigger something. I found it thank goodness, by making plausible deductions of titles that actually sounded familiar, or at least like something I would have watched back in the 90s.

STUDENT FRICKEN BODIES! I can’t remember if I actually liked this show or if I am being nostalgic – it wasn’t institutional like Saved By the Bell, or as dreamy as …California Dreams and it wasn’t as ‘edgy’ as Hang Time or as cool as  City Guys. However I remembered the theme tune as soon as I hit play on this title sequence video courtesy of Retro Junkie (I could stay on that site forever). 

If you watch the video then the main character explains it all (huh! Clarissa Explains it all – another great show!)

The 90s really did have some great teen sitcoms. Back then they were still quiet innocent but when they were going deep like when a kid wanted go all the way…or worse, lied to an adult or even worse went all the way and lied to an adult…  the audience would go “oooo” and there was always a consequence to an action and a moral lesson to be learned. I digress once again. I think this was one of the last in a bunch of these style of shows for young people before Dawsons Creek style of drama took over and the studio audience was reserved only for Friends and squiggly lined animated title sequences were abandoned forever. 

Half the cast (including Nicola Lyn) and walk on cast, if I remember right, were also campfire storytellers on the fantastic TV adaptation of Are You Afraid of The Dark?  And if I remember correctly these guys were supposed to be in high school but back then, they looked far too well-adjusted.


2 thoughts on “the TRASH BASH: Wayback Wednesday – STUDENT BODIES

  1. I can’t remember if I have ever seen this or not! Maybe it IS just nostalgia. 🙂

    All I do know, is that I loved Afraid of the Dark! & if I remember correctly, I think you are right – I knew I recognized those “teens” from somewhere.

    Thanks for sharing!

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