the PEEP SHOW (Tumblr Update) Bratty Hatty

the PEEP SHOW (Tumblr Update) Bratty Hatty

This is Hatty; I already introduced her in a previous post. I’m very excited about this character who will be the subject of some children’s picture books I want to create.

I have uploaded some rough test sketches on Tumblr as I get used to colour and experiment with textures. I have illustrated before, doodled and drawn pictures for mates, but nothing like this! It’s all very exciting.

I have been inspired by picture books such as Oliver Jeffer’s ‘How to Catch a Star’ and Il Sung Na’s beautiful and humourous ‘A Book of Sleep’. Spanish illustrators such as Patricia Metola, Anuska Allepuz, Evelyn Daviddi, Elena Odriozola and Jacobo Muniz are my influences. The simplicity, the use of colour they all express through their pictures are beautiful. I spend hours just looking through all their work!

Check out my doodles and a little more of Bratty Hatty on my Tumblr blog: Paintbomb


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