In no order whatsoever I thought it was time to list of the best movie composers I have heard. This is a result of having recently stopped listening to Hans Zimmer’s fantastic Inception score (on a loop) and having rediscovered John Murphy on account of all the trailers and programmes that choose to use his infamous ‘Adagio in D Minor’ piece. See if you agree?

  1. James Horner – If one man aside from Williams should be credited for epic compositions and ever similar spirit raising scores, its Horner and his numerous blockbuster collaborations.
  2. Bernard HerrmannNorth by Northwest, Vertigo and Psycho. Like Elfman and Burton, Herrmann gave Alfred Hitchcock’s thrillers the much-needed hook synonymous with his films today.
  3. John Williams – because its John Williams.
  4. Thomas Newman – Everything he has done.  Seriously everything he does is beautiful it makes me want to cry.
  5. Patrick Doyle – The beautiful, beautiful A little Princess score is enough, but Henry V: Battle of Agincourt deserves a mention.
  6. Mark Mothersbaugh – Steve Zissou, Royal Tenenbaum‘s, Rushmore and Bottle Rocket. I dance to this.
  7. John Murphy – Sunshine, 28 Days Later, Kick Ass, Snatch, Lockstock and two smoking Barrels(he has composed two of perhaps some of the most legendary pieces ever)
  8. Hans Zimmer – Inception, Nolan Batman series, Rain Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Broken Arrow (awesome), The Da Vinci Code, Gladiator and The Lion King …hello! need I say more?
  9. James Newton Howard – Signs, Lady in the Water, Village – all eerie but heart wrenching
  10. Ennio Morricone – The Untouchables, Mission – The former is a favourite movie and its score just killed me.

These composers deserve a mention – I just couldn’t be ruthless and picked the sole scores that I love.

  1. Elmer Bernstein – Great Escape, Magnificent Seven
  2. John Barry – Indecent Proposal, Dances with Wolves (It was a debate this one. I really do love John Barry. I just think  the others have effected me more )
  3. Shirley Walker –  Edward Scissorhand’s , wonderfully haunting sinister music.
  4. John Powell – How to Train you’re Dragon
  5. Harry Gregson Williams – Shrek, Narnia
  6. Alan Silvestri –  Father of the Bride and Forrest Gump
  7. Michael Giacchino – for everything that is to come from this young composer, after bringing sic compositions back to the small screen he’s collaborating mainly with  J.J Abrams on the silver screen and has already produced music for PIXAR faves including The Incredible’s and UP.
  8. Ludovico Einuadi – Oh my goodness. This guy isn’t a Movie composer per se – but his piano compositions blow my mind.


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