Lets down this glorious second day of the week – unlessyougobybiblicalorjewishstandardsthenitsactuallythethirddaybecauseSundayisactuallyconsideredasthebeginning– and  dance to some fine tunes ala MODE. I have no idea what I am typing OR  why I am typing this way. I’m trying to make Tuesday’s *crazy* fun; but you’re not stupid – Tuesday’s are NOT fun days, in fact they are worse than Mondays because they are so ‘meh – Tuesday’. Who cares?

I apologise: lets move on,


I’m not going to lie – I first heard this song on Glee. Why the need to mention this? because I abhor taking anything aside from a few racially offensive lines and genuine glee from this show. Learning new music from a tv show which prides itself on raping borrowing music from some of the worlds best charted movers and shakers over the past 60 decades is not, in my opinion, a good thing. It makes me feel old and at 25, sitting on the precipice of the ‘Age Hill’© ready to roll down come June when I turn 26 (sniff), I should really (and usually do) have an inkling about every song and every musician out there, because I am that clued up.

Not so. FUN snuck up on me through Glee. I didn’t know what the hell they were belting, I had convinced myself it was an ‘original’ New direction song – my brother shocked me by singing in tandem even though the episode was brand new. If he knew it, then was I missing something? Yes. FUN. This US band have hardly transcended over the pond to the UK mainstream even. However I’m sure Glee will probably change that. It’s fun. They’re fun, the song is fun; Janelle Monae is the epitome of what happens when ‘Cool’ marries ‘Fun’. I enjoy it because of the harmonising. I’m a sucker for a chorus of voices shouting out as one like they do on this song and every My Chemical Romance song (guilty pleasure) there is. FUN, have a good song here. It’s addicting, and ‘candy anarchic’ (it’s not exactly the Sex Pistols or Metallica but it’s loud and really, really, really cheeky you guys.)

The Very Best ft Ezra Koenig : Warm Heart of Africa

Ahh if you close your eyes and listen, it’s like the second second coming of Paul Simon and Lady Blacksmith Mambazo which in turn was the second coming of Peter Gabriel and Youssou n’dour (or whatever way round).

I genuinely have a warm heart for The Very Best, I love their music; I love everything they’re trying to do by way of bringing their music to the western mainstream (obviously something that has been done before) however its still beautiful and the thing about african pipes and the key ingredient to the music is that it’s full of hope and happiness and so much pride. Sad, happy, crazy tunes pride! pride! pride! is etched in the voices of the singers. So when I heard Yalira for the first time, I almost passed out. It’s definitely my kind of song, the kind of song that should play out the World Cup or something that huge. The Very Best do music I love. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s so playful, eternally happy and so breathtaking at times! The album offers so many exciting turns from the best in modern Pop and Electro-pop (some disbanded – LCD Soundsystem on the track Can Change; and M.I.A on another). Isn’t that what music should, in part be about? Experiment and fun !

Warm Heart of Africa is the most recent regurgitated release from their new album, of the same name, featuring Vampire Weekend’s wailing front-man Ezra Koenig. It’s an unsurprising marry – this song sounds admittedly like any other Vampire W.E track –  but the presence of the gorgeous The Very Best lead vocalist, Esau Mwamwaya, is a welcomed one.

The Trammps – Disco Inferno

For obvious reasons since the recent passing of effortlessly cool man Jimmy Ellis,  front-man of Disco Band The Trammps, I have been revisiting some disco tunes. Many of these songs are from my Dad’s ‘hey day’ , a time where he once looked like he could have been a young member of The Trammps or, indeed, any disco group during that period in time. It’s a song we all know.  No matter what age we are, where we are from – somehow it has managed to transcend and sneak up on each generation from my Fathers all the way down to my 18-year-old brother’s and beyond , I’m sure. Imagine that? It always amazes me how a song, be it by someone as famous as M.J or perhaps the lesser known, more or less (I know there were more) one hit wonder of The Trammps, can be forever elevated to such heights that we are born into its world. It’s always there, I can’t remember when I first heard it, I can’t even tell you if I actually even like it – but it’s like a distant cousin, old friend. I tolerate it and I take it for granted and it will probably be around till the day I die. Well if you’re going to make your mark on the world – then helming a world-famous legendary song isn’t a bad thing to add to your list of achievements.

It is definitely a catchy track that gets us all singing even if we don’t know what, who or why. It’s definitely a track I can dance to and still do. It’s on some infinite loop on the Smooth Radio/Heart/Magic playlist (like forever) so I can’t say I’ll really miss it. However I just wanted to acknowledge the brilliance of Ellis’ happy sweeping voice over the backing singers. I also needed an excuse to post this glorious video on here.

Enjoy your Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “the TRASH BASH: TUNE IT TUESDAY!

  1. i love The Very best too but surely warm heart of africa the album and single came out in 2009? according to they’re facebook there seem to be new material on the horizon though! cant wait!

    • Yes you’re right! I have never seen the video though and for some reason I’ve been hearing this song on the radio more frequently. I wondered if they re-released it? They also keep tweeting about the song. I’m happy to hear there’s some new stuff out soon. If you hear of anything let us know!

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