I love writing on here – sometimes it’s very hard to find something to even blog about; I usually turn to things I enjoy – movies, music, photography and random internet finds.

I am currently kicking my arse into gear, writing a book to a deadline; illustrating a picture book for children to a deadline and all the while looking for that next paid venture! I am really enjoying my regurgitated ability to be creative, and while the mood is high I am making sure I get as much out of it as possible. When I am done I will be sharing a few teasers of my work as well as posting about the myriad of films I have seen (lots!)

For the mean time you can have a look at a rough concept of one character for children that I am working on called Bratty Hatty©; the adventures of a little brat with a big heart and even bigger mischievous brain.

Isn’t she cute? I love her and can’t wait to start creating more of her.

©BrattyHatty by Alexandra Kessie


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