the TRASH BASH: Winding down Wednesday

One: What the hell is Paul Young wearing in that opening sequence

Two: What the hell is ‘up’ with Paul Young’s hair?

I know it’s the 80s so both questions are redundant.

THREE: This song is so frigging brilliant. I love old songs, I love 80s pop. I love it so much and I am not being ironic. I really do and always have, it’s what I remember playing on the huge music station that included a vinyl box and a silver tower of equalizer’s that would move up and down all on its own every-time my Dad stuck a tape or record in to the deck.

Anyway, I heard this well known version on the radio today, and my Mother and I started dancing, the kind where I sing and she clicks her fingers and tries to sing with me, before I silence her with a steely look. There’s no reason for the both of us to sing. Really. We love Paul Young. I can’t think of one of his songs that I don’t like. I miss him, where is he? I’d rather have him back than Tony Hadley and Rick Astley put together. You may argue that he was a crooner best remembered for covering old R&B tunes in the 80s, but he did good.

Also now that I’m older – I understand that Mr Young is not so sweet. Check out the video – he’s a bona-fide player – this song is a player’s song – makes sense seeing as  it is originally a Marvin Gaye tune. He literally sleeps around and sings about it. Then more fool him at the end when he has to suffer the consequences of his philandering actions. Who knew it was that deep? still, a great tune.


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