The thing about this show is that it’s a little crass and simple and kind of, well, unremarkable. HOWEVER I can’t stop watching it. Clearly America can’t stop watching it. I have no qualms retweeting crude lines that spout from Max’s ( Kat Dennings) pillowed mouth or the unassuming equally dirty statements shared by the ditzy fluffy blonde, Caroline (Beth Behrs).

It’s 20 minutes of sexual innuendo one liners – where the words ‘cupcakes’ and ‘cum’ are interchangeable regardless of context.

Maybe it’s the underlying premise: two broke girls, both New York Natives, only one of them is dark and heavy the other is light and fluffy and in reference to the times we live in, has found her life of riches ripped from her and replaced by the dark streets of Brooklyn sharing a one room apartment with said dark ‘ghetto’ cynic who couldn’t be more opposed to the idealism of pursuing the American dream.

It sounds shit. It shouldn’t really work on a BRIT. It has canned laughter, but that I kind of don’t mind. I like to see if I can recognise the hysterical man (it’s always a man) chortling in the distance, for a precise amount of seconds, every time someone says something in sardonic tone. I digress, I love ‘2 BROKE GIRLS’, I do. I really, really do and here is why I think so:

The girls. It’s no secret that I harbour major girl love for Miss Dennings, and this is completely a hundred percent one of the factors for me not giving up on this comedy. She’s so silly! Partly because of her inappropriate back-chat and most definitely because the girl has watched far too many ghetto girl YouTube clips and her ridiculous ability to pull off, what one of my girls likes to term as, ‘peaches’ (her ghetto girl alter ego) – I just can’t look away. She’s like Zooey Deschanel’s naughty sister; and her ability to deliver the lines and comebacks is pretty special. I’m jealous.

I love the relationship Max has with perky Caroline. The cinderella Barbie who has fallen from the top of the Empire state building all the way down to a pull out bed in Brooklyn. Still clutching a pair of Manolos. I’m not going to lie I thought this girl was going to grate on me for the most part, she actually holds up her end and provides an equal amount of funny and plenty of heart to the show. Serious if it wasn’t for Caroline’s light against Max’s dark, I would probably be carving cupcake shapes into my wrists in the corner of my room, muttering Max-ism’s of dirty words and cynical punch lines. It’s a dark place. Beth Behrs is relatively new to me, but she channels the world of rich girl socialite turned poor girl social outcast well. Again she’s funny and it comes off so easy. Behrs is the voice of reason,  with her character Caroline there is a story; the pursuit to take the ‘broke girls’ towards to a life of possible riches is what carries this show. It gives it a run at least, what obstacles will come in their way? How long will they be working in those horrendous mustard waitress uniforms? Will that polish chef ever cover up his armpits? Will we ever get to see Caroline’s cretin of a Father?; will both girls finally gain the confidence they need (Caroline suffering a fall from grace/ Max with her pessimistic view on life) to succeed? and will they ever bring back CHESNUT the horse ? because I miss him so much.

The drama is there as well as the laughs, so sometimes I find myself genuinely invested in the story of the week; seeing what else could hinder or help the young women on their path to self-made riches. It’s quick on the set up and even better on the delivery, and obviously the concept is topical and a true refelction of the current monetary climate, with a generation of low-income 20 somethings somehow going DIY and starting their own social enterprises here, there and everywhere. It’s probably also worth mentioning that women being crass isn’t new, AB FAB, Smack the Pony and French and Saunders all had their moments. This is US crass. School of Judd Apatow crass.

I’m not saying it’s easy (this is coming from a BIG BANG THEORY former hater now lover – yes, I’m that person who thinks it’s hilarious to come to your front door and knock on it relentless while repeating the infamous line ‘Penny‘) but you’ll learn to love the way Max learns to love Caroline’s princess ways or how Caroline has learned to love Brooklyn and charity shops.


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