I couldn’t think of another alliteration.

So if it’s not massive crescendos ala John Williams and Hans Zimmer then we go down the indie film route, using rock and pop musicians to compose soundtracks for flicks. Most memorable of recent years is DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh/Wes Anderson movies; Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead)/There will be blood ; Daft Punk / TRON;  Trent Reznor/ Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; Paramore / Twilight and does Danny Elfman count because he used to be in Oingo Boing…but I don’t know he is a certified movie composer now, surely?

Anyway – I could geek out about music in film, but what I came to post is this: I watched Hanna again (which I reviewed here) – I love it. I think it’s definitely a slow rise to becoming one of the best thriller films. What I love even more than the casting and the fantastic cinematography is the music. Chemical Brothers and Joe Wright go back a long way. I’m all for these directors and their music video backgrounds, because when they bring their eccentric visions, expert knowledge of how they want something to feel as well as look – it’s a fantastic thing; when they bring the artists with them – it’s amazing.

How scary is Tom Hollander in this film? scary, and the Devil in the Details composition is most definitely a factor of that. It’s a sordid contemporary version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Child-Catcher. Like the infamous whistle the catcher used to lure the kiddies, into his cage, so to does Hollander whistle his own creepy ditty. It’s fantastic and so catchy like the whistle now synonymous with Daryl Hannah in KILL BILL.

Below are the different variations from the movie including Chemical Brothers full length Devil is in the Details track. I couldn’t decide because it’s so addictive.


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