the TRASH BASH: Saturday Sound off

Friendly Fires – Hurting

This is one of the funniest endearing videos I have seen – it truly makes me happy watching them move. I think dancing to every destination like the girl in this video is definitely the way to go.

Lil Wayne – How to Love

Ahh an old tune, but most certainly the most heartfelt and one of the best tunes Lil Wayne has come out with. Don’t judge him on his singing ability – truly he isn’t that bad – but the words are sweet, the story is there – and Dixon from 90210 makes a nice cameo as the type of black kid you’d have your daughter date. Still cool, but not too ghetto…you know? 

Jonsi – Gathering Stories

Gorgeous Jonsi Birgisson’s front as a solo act from Sigur Ros doesn’t sound that different from the music of the latter, but I get it. It’s more low-key deep on the melody light on the crescendos. If you’ve seen We Bought A Zoo (starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johannson) chances are you’ll know it from there . It is beautiful music and this video is adds to the enchanting instrumentals. 

David Guetta – Titanium ft Sia

I know. David Guetta is spreading. He manages to produce 100 songs and releases them every other week, tricking us in to thinking they all sound different. They really don’t, a lot of his stuff is mediocre at best but damn are the hooks catchy! This one, for me is the exception – I am pro Sia anything – her voice can do no wrong against any musical backdrop she is gorgeous. So this is on a loop at the moment and I had it blaring from my computer early this morning to get a start on the day.


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