I’m a sucker for synthesizers and echoed dreamy vocals. Though that may be a ten a penny right now as we experience this godforsaken 80s European pop clout we got going on at the moment along with the US’rediscovery of what we, here across the pond, experienced during the 90s (you can thank David Guetta and Pitbull for that) – but honestly some of it still really fun and pretty and pulse racing. Goldfrapp, M83, Young Galaxy, Naked and Famous, Hurts are some of the obvious choices along with Robyn, Quadron (arguably more soulful in their music) Passion Pit, Animal Collective and Yeasayer. Fans of the La Kitsuné collective will enjoy the Leeds based electronic disco producer Edwin Van Cleef’s (yes it’s a World of Warcraft moniker) much sought after mixes. I like this one called Lisztomania, featuring the vocals of Jane Elizabeth Hanley of Kids at Midnight . It’s on my playlist, probably until I play it ragged over the weekend.


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