the PEEP SHOW: DOUBLE TAKE celeb siblings

This is Chad Lowe. Now his older brother Rob Lowe is best known as being on the frontline of the BRAT PACK, being hot back then and hotter now and working his way through award-winning TV dramas such as Brothers & Sisters, West Wing and more to come I’m sure.  Chad is just as cute if not more cute than sexy ala Rob. He is currently in Pretty Little Liars. Which I love.








I know. It looks like him – it looks like it’s him but something isn’t quiet right…right? Well it is kind of him – just by way of sharing genes. Charlie Murphy, brother of the internationally successful Eddie, is a successful comedian in his own right. He has great teeth – I wonder if he laughs like Eddie too?







We all know there are FOUR Baldwin brothers in the showbiz game. However only three of them (if we’re being pedantic) have had more…positive mainstream success. Alec (It’s Alec friggin Baldwin), Bill (the hot one who kind of is famous but more hot than famous – last seen in Gossip Girl and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and then there’s baby Stephen (last seen in UK Celeb Big Bro…known for the pouty lips)

Daniel Baldwin however is the naughty one.









Don Swayze has established himself as a very good actor of the small screen (where it’s really at these days). Days of Our Lives (ahh love), Criminal Minds…or probably more recently and widely successful True Blood where he starred as a Werewolf, called Gus.

Without sounding morbid – I like his face, I like that he looks like Patrick Swayze.








James Haven is ridiculously beautiful. What is even more bemusing is that the Actor/Director is a living example of what Angelina Jolie would look like if she were a man. Still beautiful, almost Jude Law like. I wonder what Brad Pitt thinks when he sees him…I’d be a little freaked out…theyre not even twins but they look identical.









Neil Connery. Is. So. Cute. Bless.








Now Andrew Wilson does not look like the Owen or Luke. In fact he is the oldest and looks younger than both. He’s also had some success in his own right in a lot of the same movies as his brothers and through his own stuff. I just think this guy gets overlooked sometimes.









When I asked my brother to identify this guys celebrity sibling he said George Clooney. FAIL. I see it, but no. This is Frank Stallone. A musical aficionado, and yes, I am a fan. Seriously if you hear the stuff he laid down back in the 70s, then you’ll get it. How would I describe his music?…American jazz beats and crooning disco treats. Also – the fact that he has an album called ‘Let me be Frank with you’ – I can not, not love this man.







I always wondered where the hell Charlie Sheen got his hair-raising ways from. I looked at Martin and his other son (BRAT PACK frontrunner and credible director) Emilio Estevez. Where had it all gone awry? Was it Wall Street? a film like that can mess a man up – look what happened to Michael for a while. Then I realised that the 80s and 90s were probably the good times. Doing shit like that is what sent him over the edge again. Then Joe Estevez popped up. The naughty brother of Martin. This is where it came from. Uncle Joe passed on the debauched genes to his nephew Charlie and that is how I like to conclude it.







Steve Tyler done produce some beautiful babes. One is Hollywood Starlet Liv and the other is Mia. The vivacious beauty. Jealous.












Paltrow genes are pretty damn consistent. Looks like they both have Blythe Danner’s doe eyed waif features. Jake Paltrow, brother of Gwyneth is a director. Like his late father Bruce. Greenberg (starring Ben Stiller) comes to mind, but look him up and you’ll see he’s got other credits to his name.










I know there are so many more – but these were chosen mainly for their physical similarities and/or considerably lower media status. People like Eric Roberts, Randy Quaid, Virgina /Michael Madsen (meh they don’t count) are too obvious and actually are all well-known. So I kept them out. These are the less obvious choices.


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