the TRASH BASH flash: the HOBBIT

Forget the Avengers, 21 Jumpstreet Five year Engagement. This has just trumped you all because I have had a love affair with this epic saga for longer and when I thought the relationship had grown stale and tiresome. BOOM. They break out a ‘teaser’ trailer and those feelings come rolling like a rip tide (yes) a rip tide. I am, of course (if you hadn’t already skipped my ramblings and cut out the video below, or even just clocked it from the title of this post) talking about ‘the Hobbit’ trailer. Peter Jackson and his Weta team have just delivered a christmas treat to our door with this glorious taster of next years christmas film. After Harry Potter I don’t think I’ve truly been this emotional over a film trailer. Seriously the books made a very deep dent in my childhood and pretty much reaffirmed my love for cinema Epic-ness. This is a cinema movie. It’s what the experience should be about. This larger than life, loud, beautiful intrusion on a massive screen, massive scores, fantastic ensemble cast. Ah, I die.The films along with the HP set, were at the time a huge thing for me. I was probably at my most creative and idealistic about where my life could go in a career in the film making industry. It’s the reason I took courses in things. Because I was so desperate to be apart of the machine that made me feel so happy. So when HP ended, so did apart of my childhood. There had been rumours for years that Peter Jackson was taking on the Hobbit (prequel to the LOTR trilogy) but it’s been a long time coming and because its all in New Zealand, limited information has been leaked aside from the actors taking part. To be honest it wasn’t until seeing the trailer that I realised some of the key actors have been missing from British tv and film it’s probably due to this film. It all makes sense.Martin Freeman takes center stage as a young Bilbo Baggins (played originally by Ian Holm) pre-Frodo and all the fellowship. We journey through middle earth as he is recruited by the wizard Gandalf  and 12 dwarves as a thief, to reclaim Lonely Mountain and the treasure that resides in it from a Dragon. Whatever guys this movie in the IMAX. Booked.

I can not wait I may die waiting.


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