the TRASH BASH: Mirror Mirror – Snow White adaptation …again

So this is a little awkward. I thought there was going to be a year between the two at least…

This is the happy more family friendly (circa 1994) version of Snow White  directed by Tarsem Singh starring heavyweight other oscar winner – Julia Roberts, Lily ‘daughter of Phil’ Collins and the handsome freak who played the Winklevoss twins in the Social Network.

This is MIRROR MIRROR: something about the untold adventures of Snow White or something and I have to say, it looks fun. It looks ridiculous but its the old style of lets bring in the famous actors of the 80s and 90s time and reintroduce them to the new generation! It looks like Chris Columbus via the Weta Workshop fun. I love J Roberts and it looks like she’s enjoying this role as much as she enjoyed playing Tinkerbell in Hook (ahh what a movie) but evil queen she is not – that crown stays with Theron. Hemsworth is fit and its most definitely his time to shine, I also like the fact we get to see what the Huntsman actually did on his way to kill Snow White but, Mirror Mirror has also got  Sean Bean and Nathan Lane; Two top actors in their own right and the former is scarcely out of tights and always speaking old’ English in his films that I can’t even remember when I saw him in act in any film set post-World Wars. Lily Collins is probably a more conventional Snow White to K-Stews (sorry) and there is nothing wrong with that and Armie Hammer *snigger* is most definitely a prince charming match with that hair and …he actually has a great regal commanding type voice; Plus Jordan Prentice (In Bruges)  is in this which means fun dwarves not the Orc like ones in Huntsman. Seriously, these two adaptations look brilliant. No doubt the papers and producers will amp up the ‘war’ between the two – but they are most importantly adaptations. Even the trailer cuts show how different they both are and their titles are perhaps an equal give-away to their premise and target audience. I think it’s also safe to say that no one will be winning an Oscar bigger than music/effects and sound on either production.

I also hear there is a rehash of Beauty and The Beast starring Emma Watson and directed by…Guillermo Del Toro. Now I can honestly say – that will trump Beastly‘s hiney.


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