the PEEP SHOW: The Uncanny Collector

If you like the image above then visit my friend Linu Hamid’s art blog of the weird and wonderful.

Truly a spectacle of random, funny, peculiar images, Linu is on a creative journey and this blog documents her day-to-day musings and discoveries so you feel like you’re very much seeing an artist in progress. It’s a sweet, funny, open documentation* from the budding and marginally self-taught! – animator who has already, at the age of 23, lectured in the business of editing and animation to kids her own age (?!) and also had a stream of freelance work in the field come her way that will surely add to this little pen pusher’s impressive CV. So have a little look, and maybe she’ll offer you some advice or inspire you to challenge your own artistic boundaries.

The Uncanny Collector

*(the image of the panda is a project that not only plays to the artists favourite animal, but ties as a personal campaign to protest the decline in Panda population)


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