the TRASH BASH: The Slap & Who is Sophie Lowe?

That , that is Sophie Lowe.

She is perhaps one of the best things about the Australian production The Slap.  The drama – which is adapted from the bestselling novel by Christos Tsiolkas  – documents  eight characters lives after an incident at a birthday barbecue sees one of them slapping a child. The story examines themes of , Identity, personal relationships, parenting, cultural backgrounds and the pending argument if disciplining any child by smacking them can be justified. Each character has their own view of who is to blame and each episode treats us to walking a week in their shoes.

The production style takes a while to get used to. Long gaps between dialogues, casting choices : I don’t particularly buy some of the relationships between the characters – notably the marriage of Sophie Okenado and Jonathan Lapaglia – and the sporadic narrator who sounds like he should be reading for a Tim Burton film.  Some of the acting isn’t as strong as the others but that’s minor. It’s actually shaped up to be a great series.

One of the best things to come out of this story is the character of Connie, (Sophie Lowe). A 17-year-old babysitter and employee of the host whose house the slap occurs. When we first meet Connie it’s through Hector’s perception (played by Jonathan Lapaglia, yes…brother of Without a Trace‘s Anthony). To him she is a beautiful young thing and he’s just turning 40. His wife Aisha (Okenedo) is busting his balls with her ability to be superwoman and he is feeling vulnerable. He wants to be reminded that he is still somewhat of a babe magnet. Connie likes the attention and she likes Hector too but Aisha is also her boss at the local vet and she looks after the couple’s two children. It’s cliché to have it off with the babysitter but this one plays out very nicely when you see the story from Connie’s view. Hers was the last episode I saw and aside from the ep  preceding following the antagonist /slapper (Alex Dimitrades a.k.a Heartbreak High‘s Nick!!!) it’s the best of the bunch. Instead of wishing harm on the harlot we learn she is an orphan, truly golden-hearted and perhaps has daddy issues that may or may not warrant her need to be with Hector. I do not know. I just enjoyed her story and inescapably that is due to Sophie Lowe.

 Upon a glance she looks familiar and I suspect she’s popped up in Home and Away or Neighbours. However this may be her ticket to Hollywood because she is truly mesmerising. Think Mia Wasikowska but via Saoirse Ronan. This Sheffield-born girl who moved to Oz when she was 10,  is going to be on people’s lips very soon. With an AFI nomination (like a BAFTA but Australian) for her lead in one film and critical accolade in Cannes for another – I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next.


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