the TRASH BASH: The Rise of the Awkward Girl.

Some things in life are just not fair. Like me not having these ladies in my friendship circle. We all like to laugh, we practically say the same things and act the same way. All of them are a little coo coo but endearing, smart and never seem to take themselves too seriously. Yet they’re all ambitious, successful and have clearly made a living out of embracing their Awkwardness. However unless I make something of myself and acquire the status to even hang out in the same vicinity as them they’re just going to have the misfortune of not having me in their lives. I sound crazy, but it’s true –  like that song by WAR: why can’t we be friends?

Emma Stone:

If me and you were friends you wouldn’t be able to act any more, because you’d be in hospital, for laughing to much. Because you were friends with me. Just look at the gif above – she’s such a geek. like meee

Kat Dennings:

It’s like this. She’s cool. I’m cool. It’s just a matter of geography and the fact that I’m not a celebrity living in LA or where it is she lives (something I don’t know because I’m cool. Not a stalker).  But her deadpan humour and her ability to make me feel like I’m not the only 25-year-old going through a constant life crisis makes me lover hurrr.

Zooey Deschanel:

Ahhh she’s so pretty and funny and awkward and someone needs to teach her how not to do a cockney accent (see below) Shes ‘ADORKABLE’. I heard that little moniker is a term coined to describe her.

Nicki Minaj:

When you start writing lyrics like that. Then I’ll put you on here. Contrary to how she comes across everything I have seen tells me she’s loath to take herself seriously and her story of how she got to the top is commendable.

Millie Mackintosh (from Made In Chelsea):

Say what you want about her, I like Millie. I would probably just stare at her. It’s not a girl crush thing. She’s just that stunning. Is she awkward? yes. Millie’s relationship on MIC is awkward. Plus I like the ways she speaks. Like a girl trying to make sense of the world one word at a time.

Lake Bell:

Girl Crush 101. One of the best reasons to watch How to Make it in America with all her sarcastic jibes that no one seems to get and her knowing it. Plus with a name like that, you better believe that she can pull it off with all the acting and stuff. She’s pretty dope.

Mindy Kaling:

Book was out the other day and I have mine in the post. Mindy Kaling is perhaps one of the funniest women to come out of Hollywood since Tina Fey and Kristin Wiig. She can only get bigger and with the deserved hype and reception of her book “Is everyone hanging out without me? : and other concerns” I bet a TV show is on the cards.

Issa Rae:

If you haven’t been exposed to the brilliance of Ms Rae and the cast of ‘Awkward Black Girl’ then let this be you’re introduction. It’s the time of Awkward girls (as my list proves) to reign supreme and she is one of the best ambassadors with her ever-growing web series which managed to garner funding from the viewers who wanted to help keep it going.

Shannon T Boodram:

Writer, director, producer, actor and one half of  web sensation ‘Those Girls Are Wild (.com)’ Boodram isn”t afraid to make fun of herself on camera. Already a published author at the age of 23, with ‘Laid’ a collection of conversations about sex, her ambition and tenacity is infectious. Epitome of the DIY generation. Making one person laugh at a time by voicing the things people don’t usually talk about but doing so all with a tongue-in-cheek approach.


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