the TRASH BASH: M83 Midnight City

Okay, so I know this tune has been floating around for a long, long while. It’s also recognised in the UK as the opening credit theme for E4s ‘reality’ drama Made in Chelsea. However recent events (as seen here) made me actually sit up and listen. It may have had something to do with Bryan Greenbergs hottness…yes. Yes it did. Check out the cinematic visuals for Midnight City, directed by Fleur & Manu for Division.

M83 is the indie pop concept of French musician (and a few collaborations) Anthony Gonzalez. With so many similar sounds flying about at the moment it’s still a pretty tune. It just needed a show like  How to Make it’ to kickstart it in to gear again. With his double LP Hurry Up We’re Leaving  released this month Midnight City is just one of the engaging catchy pop beats he has to offer (my fave).

Ahh this is on the radar.


2 thoughts on “the TRASH BASH: M83 Midnight City

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