the TRASH BASH: The Avengers

The inner blockbuster fiend has been relinquished with this all star cinematic CGI laden fest. I mean how long have we been waiting, finally after all the teaser stills and end of movie snippets of the marvel hero movies it has take a more satisfactory form. I am poised and ready to buy my IMAX seat when the is released next year. The Avengers teaser is brilliant. That’s how I know I have abandoned all serious critical thinking in favour of a few choppy cuts and cracking lines from the likes of Robert Downey.Jr and Samuel.L Jackson (perhaps the two coolest Hollywood men this generation has had)There is no play by play breakdown of the trailer here – if you want that just head to Empire Magazine (in which no way am i affiliated) and enjoy as I will be. If you’re sick of the the decade long churn of comic book movie adaptations then …go away. Go look at Ryan Gosling. However if you’re not then enjoy the teaser and come spaz out with me.

N.B I’m so excited I forgot to post the text!


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