Loco for Ryan Gosling.

Serious guys. I have Gosling fever – it’s ridiculous. I haven’t felt this way since…Zachary Quinto… in Star Trek. The Gosling fever has been bubbling since he made me laugh as the dorky  in Remember the Titans, then as the creepy but hot douche in Murder by Numbers – I obviously as a heterosexual young girl – loved him in The Notebook and his tortured soul in Half Nelson set to Broken Social Scenes Lover’s Spit had me watching the film every weekend to get a fix. That all passed when he disappeared, but then he returned and now my love has re-surfaced and become full-blown obsession. Blue Valentine, Crazy Stupid Love, Drive…his band DEAD MANS BONES?!!. If there was ever a better way to explain how me and a million girls are feeling at this moment in time a feature by writer Meghan O’keefe on her site ( also co-founded by actress and singer Zooey DeschanelHello Giggles does so best. It’s an ode – a love-sick letter to that beautiful beautiful man  – I’m going to go sit in a corner on my own now, and cry.



2 thoughts on “Loco for Ryan Gosling.

  1. Trust me your not the only one, the crazy stupid love dirty dancing scene was enough to make me melt in my theater seat! Needless to say that movie is definitely going on my Christmas list..:)

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