the TRASH BASH: 5 new adaptations to rave about.


21 Jumpstreet rehashed from the palette of newly slim Jonah Hill. I have all series originals starring Johnny Depp and it truly is some kind of wonderful. So a comedic spin on this undercover rookie cop show drama will, im thinking, be hilarious. No doubt with Hills connections it’ll also be boasting SNL finest, and a host of cameos…maybe even Depp himself.


Ghostbusters – Just because it’s the Ghostbusters – where can they possibly take this 90s diamond of a franchise next? and if it means seeing Slimer on the screen again AND NICK MORANIS (Please lord) then I’ll take it. According to Imdb the majority of the old crew are back, but Ackroyd has been vocal in his wishes to ‘pass the torch’ on to a new gen of ghost busting heroes and this time (in an age where nothing can easily scare the public and everything needs to be put in to doing so) it’s going to be darker. So we know Eliza Dushku (all round bad -ass kicker) is in it, is she the 20 something Ackroyd was on about? I bet she’s Sigourney’s sprog…and Anna Faris (swoon she’s so fun) has a similar voice and kooky-ness to Janine (Annie Potts) will they be connected? I’m clutching badly here,  but this will probably be a 3-D fest, it’s the perfect time for it.


The Hunger Games is one book turned in to a movie I have not read. Why? because I’m a lazy bugger and I just didn’t get round to delving in to it. I heard about this story a year ago and it really caught my attention. It sounds amazing and is on my list, but the movie hype has got me well and truly excited to see why this is already being pitted against the Twilight Saga and hailed as the successor to Harry Potter Book/Movie franchise. Another favourable factor is that we need to be excited about is Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone, X-men: First Class) taking the lead as heroine Katniss, that girl is special. It also marks the blockbuster debut for Liam Hemsworth (Chris -THOR- Hemsworth younger bro) and has an impressive cast list of actors such as : Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci, Toby Jones, Lenny Kravitz (he was good in precious remember), Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson. If you like Beat Takeshi’s Battle Royale or even dystopian movies like the Running Man (Schwarzenegger) then you will love this.


Pride and Prejudice And Zombies. I hadn’t even read the original Jane Austen version…never felt the need to. In fact I was convinced I had because I’d been forced to watch the acclaimed Andrew Davis version and other adaptations. However I made an effort with this adapted novel. It is basically true to the original only with cleverly placed zombies in every other scene. To see it on film would be brilliant. I had Gemma Aterton in my head in my head as Zombie slaying Jane – but there is scope for any hot actress of the moment when they do decide to take it to production. (N.B – Natalie Portman has been confirmed – I can deal)


Sweet Valley High – I’m a child who grew up in the 90s so the TV series was pretty special to me. Even though I couldn’t relate to two blonde twins living in a US valley with high hopes and boyfriend issues. However a movie version, penned by Diablo “Juno” Cody (above)? I see angst, awesome witty dialogue and high school drama nostalgia all over this production.


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