Just pretend like you be asleep…

Raise the proverbial roof for NBC’s acclaimed comedy, Community, is back this week for its 3rd season. I have serious Community addiction, thanks to a couple of friends who knew it would be right up my street. After watching all 2 series back to back I now refer to Troy’s (Donald Glover) solution of “just pretend like you sleeping” in almost every awkward situation I come across. It works. It also means catching up on Z’s has never been easier and convenient.

Brief on Donald Glover : Writer, actor, stand-up comedian and rapper Glover has written for The Daily Show and 30 Rock. He’s even been credited as the inspiration – by the Ultimate Spiderman artist himself – for the re-branding of the web slinger Peter Parker in to Miles Morales, after Glover’s own online campaign to be cast as the new Spiderman, a role that eventually went to Andrew Garfield, but Glover had Stan Lee on side and that’s saying something.

Seriously could watch him all day.


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