If you’re going to run rabbit…run a little farther


So this is the great grab from the new original series Playboy Club. I had to pause/play, because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it looked so familiar. So I put it down to the fact that it’s basically a creation thirsty to look, feel and produce all the attributes that Mad Men worked hard to build up over the years. Unfortunately the pilot wasn’t great. (Amber Heard, hot blonde in pic, is though love hurrr) but I’ll tune in next week for another go. These things take time, Mad Men did my head in for ages.   Anyway all the unfair and unjust comparisons ironically did carry some weight to them. Look at the grab from a late episode from series 4 of Mad Men.

Lance Pryce and his bunny girl Toni Charles…looks familiar doesn’t she? No its not a case of we all look alike, its a case of typecasting / coincedential casting or whatever you want to call it. Naughton Naturi (3LW, Fame) has donned the ears and fluffy tail via the backdoors of Mad Men and through the entrance of The Playboy Club!. She’s called Brenda in this drama though, so a whole new character with no links (the producers wish, pah!) to the acclaimed Don Draper haunt whatsoever. So don’t be expecting background cameos and walkons.


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